The food in Northeast of China


In China, northeast cuisine refers to the cooking dishes that exist in northeast China. As people living in the northeast are more enthusiastic and bold, so the northeast food quantity is very large. And northeast food to meat - based. People in northeast also like pasta, such as noodles, dumplings and so on.


Chinese sauerkraut

Pickled cabbage is the most representative dish in northeast cuisine. It uses Chinese cabbage pickling and become, have northeast place characteristic extremely.In winter, this dish is always served when families eat together.

Pig's ear

Pig ear contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and calcium, phosphorus, iron, with spleen and stomach function. Pig ear is very nutritious, and the taste is very good, especially when the cold food to eat "bittern pig ear", it tastes soft and crisp, delicious flavor is not greasy, and rich in gelatinous.

Kidney beans

This dish can also be called a stew. Beans, potatoes, eggplant, green pepper, tomato, fungus and other vegetables, and meat stew until cooked. This is a common northeast home dish.

Rice noodles

Rice noodles in northeast is different from in south. Northeast rice noodles are convenient and fast to make, with rice noodles as the main material, accompanied by a variety of vegetables and meat, with its unique taste to win many people's welcome.

Cold noodles

Due to the proximity of northeast China to north Korea, the people of northeast China have derived northeast cold noodles from north Korea. Although cold noodles are very cold to eat, people in northeast China always eat cold noodles in summer and winter.


Dumplings are a traditional food throughout China, but they are especially important to people in the northeast. No matter what festival, northeast people will have dumplings on the table.

Poached spicy slices of pork

The pork is cooked with cabbage and seasoned with plenty of chili oil. It is a very popular dish in northeast China especially in winter. It's delicious and warm.

Spicy hot pot

Spicy hot pot is a spicy hot pot with meat, vegetables and staple food. It is a perfect combination of meat and vegetable for a meal. What's more, spicy hot pot USES a lot of frozen semi-finished products such as meatballs and fish balls, which are easy to process and come in a variety of sources.

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